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Great Gardens In Small Spaces

Great Gardens in Small Spaces

Day3seeds announces a series of gardening classes, to be held at 303 Place in Charleston, Mo., with the purpose of helping those who desire to have their own garden for the benefit of (some) fresh and nutritious food for their family. Such a garden can be a great way to provide even more than a few tomatoes or green beans... It can be a place of learning, sharing, and relaxation.

Enrollment is necessary to participate in the 6 classes, held on Saturdays, with lunch provided.

Class 1 - Why?

Motivation and Purpose

Examples from the past and current trends.

January 13th

10am - 2pm


Class 2 - Where?

Style and Type

Examples of what style of garden suits each of us.

January 27th 

10am - 2pm

Class 3 - Who?

How to Set Your Garden Up for the Workers

Who will the garden benefit? Who will it depend upon?

February 10th

10am - 2pm


Class 4 - What and How?

Basic Construction and Layout

Meet the needs for the "Who and Where".

February 24th

10am - 2pm

Class 5 - What Do I Plant?

The Basics

A look at types of plants, their compatibility to each site, and the basics of "How to grow".

March 2nd

10am - 2pm

Organic Vegetables

Class 6 - Continuous Growth?


Discussion of concepts for "constant" refreshing and seasonal plantings.

March 9th

10am - 2pm

Enrollment Details

Enrollment fee:
  • $20 per class
  • $100 for all 6 classes (16% Off)
How to Enroll:
By Mail:
Download and print enrollment form and send by mail with payment to:
Day 3 Seeds
2959 West 404th Rd.
Bertrand, Mo. 63823
Click Here for enrollment form
Click Here to Enroll Now

For questions or more details on the classes, email Mike Mueller at

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